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Plein air painting in oils



Artists who wish to explore the world of painting with oils en plein air will love the freshness and vibrancy of the work in this book as well as the expert, down-to-earth advice of its author.


Award winning artist Haidee-Jo explores the appeal of working outside with oils and the enormous benefits it can bring in terms of personal well-being. She also shares her techniques to allow the reader to invest their oil artwork with light, motion and life.


With dozens of Haidee-Jo’s artworks to provide inspiration to the reader, and clear, step-by-step demonstrations throughout, this book provides both an expert guide to the challenges, opportunities and fun of painting outdoors; and provides an insight into the working methods of this dynamic artist. 


With foreword by Peter Brown, President of the New English Art Club.


Book dimensions 280 x 216 mm


Pages 176

Published by Search Press 



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Book titled Plein Air painting in Oils


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Vibrant Oils book

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Vibrant Oils

The long awaited first book on oil painting by Haidee-Jo Summers ROI.


Haidee-Jo Summers' artwork is filled with light and vibrancy. Her friendly, instructional style will demystify oil painting and show you how to use this traditional medium to create contemporary portraits, landscapes, still life and more, all suffused with the unique warmth and richness of oils. This book is ideal for painters at any level of experience, from complete beginners looking to start out with oils, to advanced painters wishing to pick up new ideas and techniques.

Fresh, bright and accessible, this vibrant book is a real feast for the eyes. It provides step-by-step instruction, projects and numerous examples of Haidee-Jo's finished art, from cafes in Seville to her local allotments, giving the reader a wealth of inspiration and ideas for producing stunning oil paintings of their own.


Paperback 176 pages


Product dimensions 27.7 x 21.6 x 1.3 cms


Published by Search Press

Inspirational book on oil painting featuring the work of Haidee-Jo Summers ROI


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"For some years now, I have witnessed the journey Haidee-Jo has travelled to reach this outstanding level in her work. Her enthusiasm, energy and willingness to embrace all aspects of her art, both in the field and the considered work in the studio setting, have yielded many varied aspects of subject matter including marine, landscape and some sublime interiors in both oils and watercolours. She often observes delightful little cameos of day-to-day imagery; drawing out the charm and essence of the subject with brisk, economic brushwork, the results of which yield a lively and dynamic response to the viewer.

The plein air paintings, which reflect the backbone of her output, have enormous integrity and her no-nonsense direct approach - often produced at high risk with ever changing light effects on the day - are testament to her skill and determination to achieve memorable work. The paintings in this book will clearly be a feast for aspiring painters at all levels.

Her work is now hugely popular to a wide buying public and the enthusiastic acceptance by her peers has led her to reach full membership of the Royal Institute of Oil painters, an accolade greatly deserved."

David Curtis ROI RSMA

"Haidee-Jo Summers' eagerly anticipated first book invites the reader to enjoy an intimate journey through her seemingly effortless working methods to produce fresh and vibrant oils, full of light and clean colour. An insight into a top professional artist's thoughts on inspiration, composition, drawing and seeing, this is a must-have book for all aspiring oil painters."

Dr Sally Bulgin

Publishing editor of The Artist and Leisure Painter 

Review by Henry Malt for Paint magazine...

"This isn't just one of the best books on oils that I've seen, it's one of the best books on painting, full stop. In fact, I'd even recommend it if you have no interest in the medium at all. 


Packed with information and illustrations, it covers not just the technical aspects of painting, but the creative ones too. I'm not even going to list the range of subjects covered - just assume that, if there's something you want to paint, it'll be here. Oh, ok: landscapes, figures, water - you get the idea. Everything is tackled in Haidee-Jo's energetic, loose, colourful style. This is a million miles away from the overly worthy books on oil painting that I remember from not too long ago that spoke of the medium in hushed, reverent tones.


Sometimes, when reviewing a book, you realise that to describe it in detail would be to kill it. This isn't a book to get bogged down in - it just won't allow you to do that - it's one to immerse yourself in. If you want technical advice, of course it's here, but it plays second fiddle to the creative side of things. The painting, not the medium, is emphatically the message here.


Do you get the impression I like it? I don't, I love it!"

Some happy readers said...

"I'm loving your book! I can dip in and out and it's so full of helpful instruction! I've so much to learn and at last your book is filling in a lot of grey areas! Even though I have a hundred art books none have helped in such a clear way! So THANK YOU!" JL


"We got your book yesterday. My husband said it gave him so much inspiration to try new things. He has the same philosophy about art as you. I am a watercolour painter, but I will read it if I can drag it away from him..." LT


"Congratulations on writing such a comprehensive, informative book with such beautiful illustrations. It's so well put together, I'm very impressed." EB


"It's terrific and packed full of tips and insight! Excellent!" MC


"Highly recommend this book to anyone painting in oil. It's really well written and the photos are stunning." TM


"The long awaited first book by Haidee-Jo has just arrived on my doorstep, signed as well which is always nice to have. Like many of us, I have many dozens of art books from numerous artists’ which I have collected over the years but this one by Haidee-Jo is just that bit different in its approach.

It’s a good size format to start with and is packed to the gunnels with both her paintings and other really useful information on all aspects of oil painting, from how to choose a subject, painting en-plein-air, composition and so on, it covers land and seascapes, portrait, still life, in fact the lot and some really useful technical stuff including her colour palette, brushes and so on.

As well as being inspirational the book itself is beautifully designed and each page is crammed with good information in an easy to read style. It will take me months to get through it all but this would make a great gift for any artist, from the most experienced to those who are either thinking of or just starting out in oil painting." AB


"Love your book, just what I needed as I have been contemplating making the transition from pastels to oils for a while and I just love your honest and emotional approach to painting. Such a well written book and very inspirational!" RH


Postage for international orders - please note that the postage costs for the books are now quite high when travelling outside the United Kingdom. 

It is possible to buy both books from Amazon or other book sellers in most countries. 

If you would prefer to buy from me and have a signed copy, just add the book to your basket and go through the process of checkout and you will see what the shipping costs are for your region before you put in your payment details so you can choose to go ahead or change your mind and source the book elsewhere. I hope that helps!