New DVD 'Vibrant Oils'

DVD Vibrant Oils

In this DVD I paint five plein air oil paintings around the beautiful Roseland peninsula in Cornwall. Approx 90 minutes long and filmed and produced by APV films, renowned for their high quality productions.


If you'd like me to sign and include a postcard to a particular person (or yourself of course)  please let me know their name in the notes section when placing your order.


The DVD is also available in the NTSC format for the United States and Canada, please request this in the notes section when ordering otherwise the DVD sent out will be the UK/European PAL format.


Postage costs included within the UK.



Plein air oil painting DVD


  • Available
  • Delivery in 5-8 days

Many thanks for your wonderful video and postcards!  I wanted to let you know I received them and have enjoyed watching the video.

It did indeed bring sunshine to my day.  Thanks for sharing your beautiful gift.”



“This is just to say that your video is 97 minutes of sheer delight.

I could smell the sea air and feel the sun on my back as you painted and just longed to be there, having a go.

It's truly inspirational and I know that I'll be revisiting it many times in the hope that I can absorb even a bit of your talent and enthusiasm.  Well done!”



I am delighted with your dvd! I have been thinking of doing the odd oil, especially with all the rain putting pay to watercolour painting. But I just couldn't get motivated... you have inspired me to do something about it, so thank you Haidee”



“ Its a brilliant dvd loved every minute”



“Haidee-Jo, gave my gal Laureen your DVD for her birthday gift!

She was so excited and happy that I purchased it. I loved it too. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful knowledge of painting. You are a gift that keeps on giving and thanks for the postcards!”



“Great review and he's absolutely right. Watching you paint Haidee-Jo , has given me some really valuable tips on loosening up and colour mixing. Thank you!”



“Absolutely stunning DVD Haidee and thank you for the kind wishes in the attached card.

What really blows me away is how you appear to place simple strokes that just work perfectly and appear to be done so simply which in fact have took years and years of perfecting.

My favourite lesson learnt from the DVD is to do something " because it's nice ".

Awesome work ;)”



“I watched the first three Boaty paintings. So stunning. I too still can't get over how few paint strokes Haidee-Jo uses to convince the viewer that they have the whole information. And I adore that long bristled brush. Fresh, loose strokes. Gorgeous. Looking forward to viewing the creation of the next paintings later today.”



Parcels are taking quite a long time to reach destinations such as Australia and the USA this year due to the Covid situation. Did you know you can choose to watch the DVD via digital streaming instead of having a physical copy? No need to wait, you can watch straightaway!


If you'd prefer this option, you'll need to click here to purchase from Vimeo.